Historical Dictionary of Lesotho

Historical Dictionary of Lesotho

Historical Dictionary of Lesotho


Rowman & Littlefield Group

    Rosenberg, Scott

    Weisenfelder, Richard F.



    Historical Dictionaries of Africa


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This thorough successor to Gordon Haliburton's 1977 work of the same title brings reference coverage of the Kingdom of Lesotho's complex history up to contemporary times and fills a long-standing gap in Africana. More than twice the size of its predecessor, it reflects the altered social conditions of the region during the past quarter century...Entries are clearly written, with detailed cross-references indicated in italics. A lengthy bibliography of recent publications greatly expands awareness of what has actually been written about Lesotho, while the chronology (a new and much-need resource) reaches from the early nineteenth-century formation of the Basotho kingdom through the coups of the 1990s to 2003, and is accompanied by maps and a royal genealogy. This work is most useful for college and university libraries supporting degree programs in political science, history, and African studies.


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