Volume 1: Cat Tales / Volume 2: The Most Beautiful Cats

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    Claude Pacheteau


    PLC (no jacket)


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Cats is a celebration of the beloved feline and its place within our cultural history, from ancient times to classic stories such as Puss in Boots. Mummified by the Egyptians and domesticated by the Romans, the cat is one of man's most magnificent companions. The first volume of this adorable gift set covers the history of the cat from ancient Egyptian civilization to the present, cat-related myths and superstitions in different cultures, and the emergence of the most common breeds today. It includes a practical section, with tips for selecting the right cat and welcoming it into your home, as well as guidelines for feeding, grooming, and training. The second volume presents forty-one cat breeds and some of their variants including Persian, Exotic Shorthair, Abyssinian, York Chocolate, Turkish Angora, Ragdoll, American Curl, Snowshoe, Bombay, Selkirk Rex, Somali, and Burmese. This gift set is rich in photographs and completed by a glossary, a list of useful addresses, and a bibliography. A purr-fect gift.


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