The British Museum Book of Ancient Egypt

The British Museum Book of Ancient Egypt

The British Museum Book of Ancient Egypt


    A. Jeffrey Spencer




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A fully revised and updated edition of the classic and indispensable guide to the civilization of the pharaohs. Expert authors trace the glorious history of ancient Egypt, from early prehistory through the three millennia of Pharaonic history and beyond into the Coptic period. Drawing on recent discoveries and compelling research, and especially the vast Egyptian collections of the British Museum, they illuminate the many fascinating facets of this enthralling ancient kingdom. Individual sections are devoted to the natural setting of the Nile valley, its inhabitants and their religious beliefs as presented in absorbing ancient art and texts. The famed funerary practices of the ancient Egyptians are also explored alongside their distinctive and harmonious art and architecture. Their remarkable achievements are put in context with the world around them, in particular their southern neighbour Nubia, with its less well-known but equally brilliant civilization.


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