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English Stylistics

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    Bailey, Richard W




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English Stylistics: A Bibliography is designed to aid students and teachers of linguistics and literature who wish to effect a rapprochement between these two disciplines. It surveys existing theories of style, methods of style analysis, and particular applications of theories and methods to individual authors or literary works.Enphasizing a linguistic approach to the study of style, the entries exhaust all studies that take a grammatical approach to the text (focusing on syntax, rhythm, meter, other sound structures) and that employ a linguistic theory in discussing style analysis.The bibliography concentrates on English stylistics, including all relevant literature from 1500 to the present. A section on history gives the major rhetorics, grammars, and treatises on style and language from the classical Greek period through the nineteenth century. The entries are designed to be of maximum descriptive use. Extensive annotations indicate the content of each article and the assumptions and attitudes brought to the article by its author. Methodology is described where relevant and reviews of books are given.This work answers a great need for a detailed bibliography of studies in English and general stylistics. It is scholarly and comprehensive, a reference of lasting value to linguists and to students and teachers of English literature. It will be of especial interest to those concerned with historical linguistics, the history of linguistics, and the application of linguistic techniquest to the study of literature. Specialists in style, metrics, translation, stylostatistics, and literary theory will find it an invaluable research tool.


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