One Million Mandalas

One Million Mandalas

One Million Mandalas

For You to Create, Print and Colour

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Thames and Hudson Ltd

    Madonna Gauding


    PLC (no jacket)


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Mandala colouring has long been one of the most popular aids to meditation, with millions of people worldwide finding enlightenment through quiet concentration on the simple task of bringing a sparse outline to colourful life. Most mandala colouring books, though, have a very limited life; once the few included designs have been completed, their usefulness is over. One Million Mandalas offers readers a lifetime of beautiful, spiritual designs which may easily be printed out and coloured in at home or on the move. With unique, custom-made software, it takes only a few clicks to create your own mandala design, and the options on the disc allow you to choose from up to one million permutations. All of the design elements have been created by Madonna Gauding, a practicing mandala healer and expert whose previous books have sold worldwide; her introductory chapters introduce the long history of different mandala forms, and explore how their healing powers may be unlocked.


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