Accept the Influence of the Web

Accept the Influence of the Web

Jul 2, 2013

Where are magazines headed?

Author: Laurel Saville

With almost every publication now appearing online as well as in print, the designer must consider both media, often simultaneously. And because consumers are getting so much information from the Internet, it is inevitable that the habits and devices used in interactive design are bleeding onto the printed page. "The Web has had a very specific effect on page design," says Jeremy Leslie. "It's accelerated a process that was happening anyway, with the bite-size chunk of information getting smaller and smaller. You have to have pictures and pull quotes and sells and as many devices as possible." This is the result of the changing nature of our culture. "All magazines looked like The New Yorker seventy years ago," he says, "but now, a new magazine couldn't hope to have a successful launch looking like that. It's just a matter of degree, of how much you're going to cede ground to this process."

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