Heaven Has Eyes

Heaven Has Eyes

Heaven Has Eyes

The complexities of contemporary life in Singapore are revealed in subtle and nuanced ways in Philip Holden's first collection of short stories. Ruminative at times but always insightful, a good read.”
—Suchen Christine Lim, author of The River's Song

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Epigram Books

    Philip Holden

    September 2016



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A teacher and his wife get caught up in the drama of election politics and a Channel 8 soap opera. An invalid house-sits for his sister and has to care for his nephew’s pampered pet pig. A daughter travels overseas to convince her elderly father to move home with her. An academic must navigate an opaque bureaucracy to renew his Re-Entry Permit. A young Lee Kuan Yew finds camaraderie with a future Canadian Prime Minister in England, and relentless tenacity from a British student in Canada desperate for an interview. Heaven Has Eyes dramatises these small moments of transcendence in everyday life, and more.


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