The 10 Best Games in the World

The 10 Best Games in the World

The 10 Best Games in the World


Thames and Hudson Ltd

    Àngels Navarro


    Board book


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What games did the Vikings enjoy? Or the Kiowa Indians of North America? How about the Aztecs? The 10 Best Games in the World introduces children to ten of the world s most popular pastimes in one beautifully crafted compendium. The book features two board games from each continent or area: from Europe comes the Barricade and the Viking game; from Africa, Yoté and the Hyena Game; from America, El Patolli and the Zohn Ahl; from Asia, the Jungle Game and the Leopard Game; and from Oceania, the Mu Torere and the Surukarta. Everything you need  all the rules, counters, dice and boards  are included. This book will give the family hours of fun  all wrapped up in one gorgeous volume. (WARNING! Contains small parts; not suitable for children under three years old.)


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