Operation Alphabet

Operation Alphabet

Operation Alphabet


Thames and Hudson Ltd

    Al MacCuish

    Luciano Lozano, Designed by Jim Bletsas


    PLC (with reversible poster jacket)

    The Ministry of Letters


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Welcome to a very secret world. Not many people know this, but inside a special, little red postbox in London, close to Big Ben, there exists a top secret department. It is so top secret that only the Queen of England, her Prime Minister, Spies and Cats know about it. And now you... This book  part of 'The Ministry of Letters' series  recounts the adventures of the top-secret government department 'The Ministry of Letters', the place where all the letters and all the words in the world are created. We are introduced to this  secret and then told the story of 'Operation Alphabet', one of the most famous adventures ever to have happened to the letters who work in the Ministry. The star of the story is Charlie Foxtrot, who starts school aged five and finds learning the alphabet confusing and strange. We learn how the members of the Ministry s  Special Alphabet Service (SAS) set off on an adventure to Scotland to find Charlie and teach him, by song and rhyme, the alphabet and the joy to be found in letters and words. They succeed  he goes to school the next day and gets full marks in a test  and the world lives happily ever after! 'Operation Alphabet' also comes with a special jacket that folds out into an alphabet poster.


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