Carla and Leo's World of Dance

Carla and Leo's World of Dance

Carla and Leo's World of Dance


Thames and Hudson Ltd

    Agatha Relota

    Thierry Perez


    PLC (no jacket)


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Written by a dance-trained fashion model and aimed at budding ballroom mini-divas aged 8 12, this glamorous and very different new book makes you get up and dance. It tells the story of two 10-year-olds named Carla and Leo who stumble upon a magical dance school and its teacher, the beautiful and mysterious Miss Paulina. She invites them on a fast-paced journey around the world where they learn new dances and discover the history and cultures of countries those dances originate from. Ten of the most popular ballroom dances are depicted using over 50 vibrant illustrations. These dazzling images, by renowned fashion illustrator Thierry Perez, combined with informative text and an introduction by Jessica Alba, are ideal for inspiring stylish kids.


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