500 Manga Villains and Heroes

500 Manga Villains and Heroes

500 Manga Villains and Heroes


    Yishan Studio


    Paperback with flaps


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Manga is now well established as one of the world s most popular genres of illustrated books. Many millions of readers, all over the world, thrill to the exploits of heroic boys and girls, monstrous villains, brave warriors, robots, monsters and aliens. Many of these readers are inspired to create their own Manga art and stories, using one of the many available digital arts programs. 500 Manga Villains and Heroes is the third title in Ilex s successful  500 series for digital manga artists. The CD contains custom-drawn layered files which can be used by leading graphics programs: the characters can be used by amateurs and professionals alike to populate their stories. The book acts as a visual catalogue, offering colouring suggestions and advice on integrating the figures into your work. With royalty-free art from one of professional manga s most exciting names, this is sure to be an essential resource for today s mangaka.


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