The French Country House

The French Country House

The French Country House


    Christiane de Nicolay-Mazery

    Bernard Touillon


    Paperback with flaps


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The French Country House is now available as a paperback with flaps, but still has the same content as the hardcover and is equally transporting and evocative. The book celebrates what the French call l art de vivre (the art of good living) within the intimacy of private dwellings set deep in the countryside. These are places of retreat  old manor houses, small châteaux, stud farms, even a former convent  that, because of their great age and the memories accumulated inside them, are beloved by their owners and provide endless delight for family and friends. Each country house is a treasure trove of history, with beautiful furnishings as well as precious heirlooms, such as family albums, faded love letters, attics full of old toys, fancy dresses, retired pianos, left-over brocades and wallpapers  even libraries hidden at the tops of towers. With 220 photographs in full colour  illustrating rooms from the salon to the kitchen below and the attic above, together with details of silver, crystal, tapestries, paintings, and much more  The French Country House is rich in the colours, textures and history of these treasured homes. Francophiles as well as lovers of décor, architecture, and gardens will be captivated by this inside look at life in the French countryside.


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