Life and Death in Picasso

Life and Death in Picasso

Life and Death in Picasso

Still Life / Figure, c. 1907-1933

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Thames and Hudson Ltd

    Christopher Green

    J. F. Yvars


    Quarter bound/PLC (no jacket)


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In Life and Death in Picasso, Christopher Green for the first time sets out to look at how, through the manipulation of signs and pictorial language, Picasso oscillates between figures and objects, animating what is inanimate and vice versa. On one level this book can be experienced as a journey through Picasso s imagination and his creative processes, while on a deeper level it helps us to understand  by way of references to Apollinaire, Freud and Surrealist imagery, among other things  the dense cluster of ideas and reflections associated with the presence of death in the underlying life of the artist s works. As well as shedding light on aspects of Picasso s work not previously studied in any depth, the book features a superb selection of art, providing an opportunity for readers to continue to rediscover the art of Picasso: an art that is more vital and more powerful than ever.


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