Gerhard Richter - Text

Gerhard Richter - Text

Gerhard Richter - Text

Writings, Interviews and Letters 1961-2007

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Gerhard Richter is one of the foremost artists of his generation. Central to his work is a strong set of values which throughout his career he has expressed in extensive notes and writings, and in provocative and memorable public declarations in which he shows himself the master of the paradoxical statement. The original volume of Gerhard Richter s writings was published in 1995. This new book makes available a wider and more up-to-date selection of Richter s texts, from all periods of his career, many translated for the first time. The collection includes letters and interviews; public statements about specific exhibitions; private reflections from personal correspondence; answers to questions posed by critics; and excerpts from journals discussing the intentions, subjects, methods and sources of his works. Accompanied by biographical photographs from the artist s personal collection, these texts form a brilliantly illuminating commentary on Richter s art, as well as providing a thought-provoking discussion on the status of art in society today.


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