Arms and Hunger

Arms and Hunger

Arms and Hunger


MIT Press

    Brandt, Willy




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The arms race continues to turn resources and priorities away from international development. Diminishing aid programs, growing Third World debt, a population that may reach 10 billion people in the foreseeable future in spite of all efforts to control it, increasing division of the world into pro-US and pro-Soviet camps - these are the dangers Willy Brandt feels can lead not only to greater world poverty and famine but also to world conflict.In this strongly worded book, Brandt goes beyond the diplomatic role he has formerly played and describes major problems plaguing the globe today, as well as solutions for them. From personal observation and experience, Brandt demonstrates that the West has failed to meet today's challenges and delivers a frank criticism of the Reagan administration's policies - or lack of them.Willy Brandt, chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany from 1969 to 1974, has been a member of the European Parliament since 1979. Among his many awards were the Nobel Peace Prize in 1971 and the Albert Einstein Peace Prize in 1985. He is the author (with Anthony Sampson) of North-South: A Program for Survival, and The Common Crisis North-South: Cooperation for World Recovery (both MIT Press paperbacks).


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