Undead in the West

Undead in the West

Undead in the West

Vampires, Zombies, Mummies, and Ghosts on the Cinematic Frontier

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Rowman & Littlefield Group

    Miller, Cynthia J.

    Van Riper, A. Bowdoin




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Undead in the West is a collection of essays that explore the many tropes and themes through which undead Westerns make the genre s inner plagues and demons visible, and lay siege to a frontier tied to myths of strength, ingenuity, freedom, and independence. Featuring several illustrations and a filmography, the volume is divided into three sections:  Reanimating Classic Western Tropes examines traditional Western characters, symbolism, and plot devices and how they are given new life in undead Westerns;  The Moral Order Under Siege explores the ways in which the undead confront classic values and morality tales embodied in Western films; and  And Hell Followed with Him looks at justice, retribution, and retaliation at the hands of undead angels and avengers.


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