The Human Journey

The Human Journey

The Human Journey

A Concise Introduction to World History

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Rowman & Littlefield Group

    Reilly, Kevin




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I look forward to using this new world history textbook, which greatly advances our struggle to think world historically and to get this field  right. This book is among the first to incorporate what Kevin Reilly calls  little big history and put human history in its place, while never losing sight of the significance of the human presence. It is a wonderfully scholarly book that directly engages the latest debates in the field (with footnotes even!) yet wears its erudition lightly. Reilly expertly weaves together political, economic, social, and LOTS of cultural threads, selecting good and sometimes surprising case studies for illustration. The text never loses sight of his view of the grand arc of it all, arguing for a series of successive globalizations over at least the last millennium. This text will make a wonderful companion to Reilly s two-volume document series, which remains a classic in the field.


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