The Man Who Knew God

The Man Who Knew God

The Man Who Knew God

Decoding Jeremiah

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Rowman & Littlefield Group

    Schreiber, Mordecai




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The Book of Jeremiah continues to sound its assurances and is demands in challenging contemporary ways. Rabbi Schreiber here provides an accessible entry into this remarkable prophetic person, voice, and tradition that live in the extremities of faith. Accenting the key issues in this prophetic articulation, Schreiber shows the bold way in which Jeremiah moves in revolutionary leaps beyond the closed tribalism of his antecedents. This wise book merits careful and sustained attention. It will evoke conversation that will continue to vex and nourish responsible faith, just the vexation and nourishment the prophet himself intended. The move toward an inclusive openness voiced by the prophet continues to be a demanding agenda for his present-day readers.


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