A Handbook of Applied Biopolymer Technology

A Handbook of Applied Biopolymer Technology

A Handbook of Applied Biopolymer Technology


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Royal Society of Chemistry

    Osswald, Tim A

    Garcia-Rodriguez, Sylvana



    Royal Society of Chemistry Green Chemistry


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Scientists are conducting active research in different fields of engineering, science and technology by using Green Chemistry Principles to devise new, environmentally friendly processes. A Handbook of Applied Biopolymer Technology: Synthesis, Degradation and Applications reflects these developments in an up-to-date, coherent and objective set of chapters by international experts from academia who are world leaders in research and technology in sustainability and biopolymer and biodegradable polymer synthesis, characterisation, testing and use. The handbook highlights the following areas: green polymers; biopolymers and bionanocomposites; biodegradable and injectable polymers; biodegradable polyesters; synthesis and physical properties; discovery and characterization of biopolymers; degradable bioelastomers, lactic acid based biodegradable polymers; enzymatic degradation of biodegradable polymers; biodegradation of polymers in the composting environment; recent development in biodegradable polymers; research and applications and biodegradable foams. The book is aimed at technical, research-orientated and marketing people in industry, universities and institutions. Readers will gain a comprehensive and consolidated overview of the immense potential and ongoing research in bio-based and biodegradable polymer science, engineering and technology to make the world greener.


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